Episode 49 - Too Cool to be Forgotten

September 14, 2016

Aaron is joined by returning guest Gabriel Dunston to discuss Too Cool to be Forgotten by Alex Robinson.  Published by Top Shelf in 2008.  Robinson's poignant "slice of life" comic tells the story of 40 year old Andy's attempts to quit smoking.  In a last ditch effort, he visits a New Age hypnotist.  Though skeptical at first, Andy is put under by the Hypnotist and is shocked when he wakes up in his 15 year old body!  Now forced to relive his high school years all over again, Andy reminisces about his youth all the while looking for the root cause of his smoking habit. 

Gabe and Aaron talk extensively about this book for nearly two hours.  The discussion covers everything from the book design and Robinson's cartooning, to the way readers will see themselves reflected in the storytelling.

Aaron and Gabe are a pair of jabber jaws, so this episode is loaded with another hour of non sequitur, off topic back matter where they mostly threaten to fight each other over trivial things.

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