Episode 73 - X-men 17-18

May 1, 2018

Aaron and Alex finish their series on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's original X-men issues. Finally! Issues 17 and 18 are the last issues to be plotted and laid out by Kirby. These two issues feature the return of Magneto, who has another weird plan to take over the world. It should come as no surprise to learn that these issues are not very good, and by this point we are just glad to be finished with these books.



Episode 72 - X-men 14-16

April 6, 2018

Aaron and Alex continue with Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's X-men series with issues 14-16, introducing the famous Sentinels for the first time. Despite being overwritten with a loose and simple plot, this is one of the better stories of the era because it's actually about the X-men.

The discussion mostly revolves around how well the issue handles the themes unique to the X-men mythos, such as the human versus mutant dynamic. This issue also features a continuity point that is referenced in Grant Morrison's New X-men series from the early 2000's. Aaron also goes into in impromptu critique of the more recent Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, using it as an example of a poorly written, one dimensional villain.



Episode 71 - X-men 12 &13

March 2, 2018

Continuing our series on Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's original X-men series, Aaron and Alex discuss issues 12 and 13 in a single episode. This two part stories introduces us to the famous X-men villain The Juggernaut and tells us the origin of Professor X. These are the first issues where Jack steps down from full time pencil duties and just delivers layouts, with the pencils on issue 12 by the legendary Alex Toth, and issue 13 by Jay Gavin. Ironically, despite not having full Jack Kirby art, they are the best issues in the series since the debut issue.

In this lengthy episode we share our love for the Juggernaut as a villain and, like many of these episodes so far, have a lengthy discussion about the collaborative style of Stan & Jack and the production history of this series.


Episode 70 - X-Men 11

February 9, 2018

Aaron and Alex continue their discussion of the classic Stan Lee & Jack Kirby X-men comics.  Issue #11 features The Stranger and is about the most uninteresting story in the series so far.  We spend way too much time complaining about this issue.


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Episode 69 - X-Men 10

December 29, 2017

Aaron and Alex return after a short hiatus to talk about the classic Stan Lee and Jack Kirby X-men series.  Issue #10 takes the X-men to the Savage Land and introduces the characters of Ka-Zar and Zabu.  The discussion revolves around the competent, albiet simplistic story, and Stan Lee's penchant for crowding dialog into panels where Jack Kirby may not have intended it to be.


Episode 68 - Creator Hangout with Chrisopher Michael

November 10, 2017

I take a break from the boring old X-men discussion so I can have another creator hangout.  This time, I talk with Christopher Michael, another St. Louis area comic writer.  Chris and I talk shop a bit about writing, working with artists, tabling at conventions, navegating social media, and share stories about the nicest comic creator either of us has ever met (Joshua Dysart).

Check out Christopher's comics at www.headmetalcomics.com.


Episode 67 - X-men 09

November 3, 2017

Alex and Aaron return to discuss Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's X-men series. Issue 09 guest stars The Avengers in what promises to be an exciting "Hero versus Hero" fight in the classic Marvel manor. The story also follows up on Professor X's mission to find Lucifer, as teased in the previous issue. We enjoyed this issue, despite all the things we complain about.



Episode 66 - X-Men 08

October 13, 2017

Alex and I return for our discussion of Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's classic X-Men issues. Issue #8 sees the introduction of Unus the Untouchable. We have fun discussing the kitschy elements of the story and are happy to see that the fundamental themes of intolerance are used well, despite some lazy plot mechanics and cheap tension.


Episode 65 - Flash Time Flies

October 6, 2017

Carlos Gabriel Ruiz joins me to discuss The Flash: Time Flies, written by John Rozum and drawn by the underrated artist in all of American comics, Seth Fisher. Time Flies is a short story about The Flash traveling to a strange and distant future in order to save an Air Force test pilot and prevent him from destroying the entire universe. We spend most of the conversation talking about Fisher's incredibly unique and detailed line work and quirky artistic vision.

Check out Carlos' comics here:


Episode 64 - X-men 07

September 28, 2017

We continue our discussion about Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's X-men with issue 07, featuring the return of the Blob and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Alex and I don't have much to say about this issue as we both agree that stagnation is setting in for this series.  While the art and storytelling are technically well done, characters and stories are starting to feel stale.  We do a brief comparison to the first seven issues of Fantastic Four and Spider-man to compare the exciting and progressive nature of those books to the X-men's general repetitiveness.