Episode 45 - Nausicaa

March 17, 2016

Aaron is joined by his good friends and super husband and wife team, Alex Harner and Taryn Trousdale to discuss Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by Hayo Miyazaki.  First published by Tokuma Shoten in 1982.  Nausicaa is the brainchild of the acclaimed animator and founder of Studio Ghibli and remains his largest and most complex work of his career.  This post apocalyptic comics blends science fiction and fantasy to create a world overrun by deadly fungus and gigantic insects, rendering much of it uninhabitable.  Nausicaa is the young princess of a small nation that has been drafted into a world war between the two largest empires.  She seeks to understand the nature of the poisonous plant life while simultaneously stopping the war that threatens to wipe out the remaining humans surviving on the desolated Earth. 

Aaron, Alex, and Taryn enthusiastically discuss why this book truly is a masterpiece of the comics form, Miyazaki's environmentalism and anti-war themes, as well as his frequent use of female main characters, and the role that female characters often play in genre fiction.

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