Comic DNA

Episode 71 - X-men 12 &13

March 2, 2018

Continuing our series on Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's original X-men series, Aaron and Alex discuss issues 12 and 13 in a single episode. This two part stories introduces us to the famous X-men villain The Juggernaut and tells us the origin of Professor X. These are the first issues where Jack steps down from full time pencil duties and just delivers layouts, with the pencils on issue 12 by the legendary Alex Toth, and issue 13 by Jay Gavin. Ironically, despite not having full Jack Kirby art, they are the best issues in the series since the debut issue.

In this lengthy episode we share our love for the Juggernaut as a villain and, like many of these episodes so far, have a lengthy discussion about the collaborative style of Stan & Jack and the production history of this series.

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