Comic DNA

Comic DNA Quickies 01

February 18, 2019

We here at Comic DNA are starting up reviews again in a new series called Quickies. Aaron and Alex will be doing short reviews of new(ish) comics still on the stands. We've imposed a five minute time limit on each book we review to keep from repeating ourselves and going off on tangents.

Comics reviewed in this episode:
Action Comics #1007 by Brian Michael Bendis & Steve Epting
X-O Manowar #23 by Matt Kindt & Tomás Giorello
The Wild Storm #19 by Warren Ellis & Jon Davis-Hunt
Livewire #1 by Vita Ayala & Raúl Allén

We will start doing long form discussions about graphic novels and other larger works again, but they will be less frequent than the Quickies reviews.

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