Episode 36 - Skullkickers volume 3 & 4

September 23, 2015

Aaron is joined again by Jon Parrish and Josh Blasingame to discuss volumes 3 and 4 of Skullkickers by Jim Zub, Edwin Huang, and Misty Coats!  The adventure continues in Six Shooter on the Seven Seas where are heroes stow away on a ship full of lady pirates.  Then, in Eighty Eyes on an Evil Island, they are washed ashore on a strange jungle island.  Aaron, Josh, and Jon discuss how the series maintains it's clever comedic tones while building the mythology and continuity of the world.  


Episode 35 - Battling Boy

September 16, 2015

Aaron is joined by Time Albaugh, Alex Harner, and artist extraordinaire Kevin Bandt to discuss Battling Boy by Paul Pope.  Published by First Second Books in 2013.  Battling Boy is 12 years old going on 13.  In order to become a man, he must prove himself a noble hero.  Battling Boy's father, a powerful cosmic warrior in his own right, sends him to an Earth like planet that is besieged by monsters.  There, Battling Boy begins his journey into adulthood.  Battling Boy is a humongous homage to the superhero stylings of Jack Kirby and presented in this all ages book for kids.  Pope deftly gives us classic superhero archetypes mixed with a young boys adventure style comic that is pure perfection on every page.


Episode 34 - Preacher

September 10, 2015

Aaron is joined by longtime collaborator and friend, Chris McJunkin to talk about Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.  First published by Vertigo in 1995.  Preacher is the epic story of Reverend Custer who, after being imbued with a supernatural entity, goes on a journey to literally find God.  Preacher is easily one of the most popular comics published in the last 30 years and many greater people than Aaron and Chris have talked about it, but that doesn't stop them from rambling for two solid hours about the whole series and it's place in pantheon of great comics.


Episode 33 - Criminal

August 20, 2015

Aaron is joined by two very special guests, Anthony Mathenia and Seth Ferranti to discuss Criminal by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Val Staples.  First published by Icon in 2006.  Criminal is a classic pulp style crime fiction comic about Leo, the best thief in the city, who also has a reputation as being a coward, because if things go wrong on a heist, Leo will be the first one to cut and run.  Of course, as the story develops, we learn that there’s certainly more to Leo than his reputation would have you believe.  Leo is convinced by a crooked cop acquaintance of his to take part in a big heist.  As always happens in pulp crime stories, nothing goes the way it’s planned, nobody can be trusted, and we what these characters are really made of.

Our special guest, Seth Ferranti is a convicted "LSD Kingpin" who spent 21 years in a Federal prison, where he began to write articles for Vice magazine and publish true crime fiction novels.  Together, with editor Anthony Mathenia, they are working to adapt one of his books, Supreme Team, into a comic.  Please support their Supreme Team Kickstarter, click here!

Episode 32 - Miracleman 3

July 29, 2015

Anthony Mathenia returns to talk with Aaron about Miracleman book 3, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by John Totelben.  Moore brings his epic deconstruction of the superhero genre to a finish with an apocalyptic conclusion.  Aaron and Anthony discuss how Moore transforms his superhero book into a mythological representation of good and evil and whether or not human morality still fits in there somewhere.


Episode 31 - Peepo Choo 3

July 15, 2015

Jon and Luke return to talk with Aaron about Peepo Choo Volume Three by Filipe Smith.  In the third and final volume of Peepo Choo, Milton's disillusionment with life in Japan begins to wane as he develops a real friendship with Reiko.  Meanwhile, Jodi befriends Morimoto Rockstar and gets caught between the serial killing vigilante, Fate, and the murderous Yakuza.  


Episode 30 - Creature Tech

July 8, 2015

Aaron is joined by returning guests Gabe Dunston and Ed Bickford to talk about Creature Tech by Doug TenNaple.  First published by Top Shelf in 2002.  Creature Tech is the story of Dr. Michael Ong, a brilliant scientist who is forced into a government job studying various scientific oddities and artifacts.  When he discovers that the Shroud of Turrin, the supposed burial cloth of Jesus Christ, is real and has the power to heal people, it is stolen by a ghost who uses it to bring his dead body back to life and continue with his centuries old plan of taking over the world with giant space eels.  Aaron, Gabe, and Ed talk about TenNapel's use of Christian theology which serves as the foundation for TenNapel's themes and philosophy, as well as his unique artistic vision. 

Although this podcast does discuss Christian themes, be warned that it does contain strong language.  

Episode 29 - Skull Kickers

July 1, 2015

Aaron is joined by two returning guests, Jon Parrish and Josh Blasingame to discuss Skull Kickers, written by Jim Zub, illustrated by Ewin Huang, and colored by Misty Coats.  Skull Kickers is an irreverent, fantasy comedy about two goof ball mercenaries getting paid to kill things... and everything spirals out of control from there.  Skull Kickers brings a lot of laughs and over the top action to the traditional fantasy genre tropes and has a great title to boot.  Aaron, Jon, and Josh discuss the first two trade paperbacks, 1000 Opas and a Dead Body and Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood. 


Episode 28 - Peepo Choo 2

June 17, 2015

Aaron is joined by returning guest Jon Parrish to discuss the second volume of Peepo Choo by Felipe Smith.  First published by Kodansha in 2008.  The story continues as Milton makes friends in Japan and is disappointed to learn that, even in the land of Otaku, he is an outcast.  Meanwhile, Morimoto Rockstar continues to make enemies in the Yakuza underworld.  Aaron and Jon talk about their favorite parts of the book, and Jon shares more stories about his personal experiences living in Japan. 


Episode 27 - X-Men God Loves, Man Kills

June 10, 2015

Aaron is joined by returning guest Alex Harner to talk about the X-Men graphic novel God Loves, Man Kills.  Written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Brent Anderson.  First published by Marvel Comics in 1982.  In this stand alone graphic novel, the X-men become the target of hateful Television Evangelist, Reverend Striker.  Believing that he is carrying out the will of God, Striker preaches a message of hate and concocts a plan to eliminate all mutants once and for all.  This story was the basis for Bryan Singer's second X-Men movie.  Aaron and Alex discuss how the major themes of the X-men mythology are presented in this book and how they compare to the ongoing series.