Episode 56 - X-men 01

June 21, 2017

Aaron is joined by Alex Harner to discuss a little comic published by Marvel in 1963 called the X-men #1.  We discuss the historical significance of the issue as well as some of the current events going on at the time that led to the style and tone of the story.  We also look at the issue with our modern perspective to see how well it holds up compared to the vast history and mythos that has become a multi million dollar franchise in the decades since its creation.


Episode 55 - Creator Hangout Thom Hotka

June 14, 2017

Fellow comic creator Thom Hotka joins me to talk about his webcomic, Nextuus. We also talk shop about some of the differences in writing for webcomics compared to print comics, and we discuss this year's Planet Comic Con and how to deal with a convention that doesn't go well.

Read Nextuus here:

Check out Thom's Channel here:



Episode 54 - Creator Hangout Alex Harner

June 7, 2017

This is the first episode in a new style where we break from the traditional Comic DNA format and instead just hang out with a creator and do general interviews. In this episode, my old friend Alex Harner joins me to discuss our favorite topic... X-men comics. We announce our intent to read the original Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issues which will be discussed on future episodes of this podcast.
We also discuss the X-men's place in American pop culture, as well as talk about the challenge of being a fan of something without being a dreaded "fanboy".



Episode 53 - The Eltingville Club

May 31, 2017

Aaron is joined by Gabriel Dunston to discuss The Eltingville Club by Evan Dorkin. The dark satire of fanboy culture hits a little too close to home for Aaron and Gabe as they discuss some of the psychological underpinnings of the collectors hobby, whether or not they identify with the unlikable characters presented in the book, and Dorkin's unique and intense art style.



Episode 52 - Building Stories

May 6, 2017

Aaron is joined by his good friend, Alex Harner, to discuss Building Stories by Chris Ware. First published by Pantheon Books in 2012. Building Stories is a boxed set that contains 17 smaller comics printed in a variety of forms ranging from short 4 page strips to hardcover books to giant newspaper fold outs. The story, spread across the different formats, can be read in any order and highlights different moments in the life of an unnamed young woman. Alex and Aaron discuss the effectiveness of the non linear and sprawling narrative of Chris Ware's masterpiece, as well as speculate on different artistic decisions and stylistic choices.



Episode 51 - Watchmen

March 8, 2017

Aaron is joined by two very special guests, Kevin LaPorte and Christopher Ochs to discuss Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons 1986 graphic novel masterpiece, Watchmen as well as the 2009 film adaptation by Zack Snyder.  The discussion mostly revolves whether or not the book can be successfully adaptated into a film and the unique divisivness in fan opinion on Snyder's attempt.

Inverse Press - Read Kevin's comics here!
Fantastic Crap Comics - Read Chris' comics here!


Episode 50 - Kaijumax

March 1, 2017

After a lengthy hiatus, Comic DNA is back!  Luke Thompson-Moritz returns to talk about the first volume of KaijuMax, by Zander Cannon.  First published by Oni Comics in 2016.  Kaijumax is a loving tribute to Japan's Kaiju (monster) movies by way of American prison drama TV shows.  It is one of the stand out comics of 2016 that everyone is talking about... and we're no exception!


Episode 49 - Too Cool to be Forgotten

September 14, 2016

Aaron is joined by returning guest Gabriel Dunston to discuss Too Cool to be Forgotten by Alex Robinson.  Published by Top Shelf in 2008.  Robinson's poignant "slice of life" comic tells the story of 40 year old Andy's attempts to quit smoking.  In a last ditch effort, he visits a New Age hypnotist.  Though skeptical at first, Andy is put under by the Hypnotist and is shocked when he wakes up in his 15 year old body!  Now forced to relive his high school years all over again, Andy reminisces about his youth all the while looking for the root cause of his smoking habit. 

Gabe and Aaron talk extensively about this book for nearly two hours.  The discussion covers everything from the book design and Robinson's cartooning, to the way readers will see themselves reflected in the storytelling.

Aaron and Gabe are a pair of jabber jaws, so this episode is loaded with another hour of non sequitur, off topic back matter where they mostly threaten to fight each other over trivial things.

Episode 48 - Skullkickers Volumes 5 & 6

July 27, 2016

Aaron is joined, once again, by his two Skullkickers reading friends, Jon Parrish and Josh Blasingame to discuss the final two volumes of Skullkickers.  Written by Jim Zub, illustrated by Edwin Hwang, and colored by Misty Coats.  Published by Image Comics in 2014.  The laugh out loud comedy continues through to the very end of Skullkickers.  Aaron, Jon, and Josh discuss the ending of the series, as well as the nature of serialized fiction and independently published comics.


Episode 47 - A Contract with God Trilogy

June 9, 2016

Aaron is joined by his good friend and recurring guest, Alex Harner, to discuss the groundbreaking graphic novel, A Contract with God, by Will Eisner.  First published by Baronet Books in 1978.  A Contract with God is widely considered to be one of the first and most influential "graphic novels" published.  Throughout the three books that make up the trilogy, the story covers a wide array of characters and their day to day troubles living in the fictional New York neighborhood, Dropsie Avenue.  The stories mostly take place in the 1930's and 40's and draw upon Eisner's own experiences growing up in that time period.  In addition to discussing his craft and storytelling abilities, Aaron and Alex discuss Eisner's long lasting influence over the comic art form, as well as his place in comics history.