Episode 41 - Supreme

November 25, 2015

Aaron is joined by returning guests Anthony Mathenia and Tim Albaugh to discuss Supreme by Alan Moore and Rick Veitch.  First published (sort of) by Image Comics in 1996.  With a beautiful sense of irony, Alan Moore reboots Rob Liefeld's violent Superman archetype as a loving tribute to the classic Superman comics of the Golden and Silver Age.  Supreme returns to Earth after a long absence only to find that reality is changing around him.  He soon discovers that he is at the beginning of a "reboot" and meets all the previous versions of himself that used to exist until they were revised.  In typical Alan Moore fashion, the story takes on a meta narrative as it simultaneously satirizes and pays homage to Superman and the greater comic book industry as a whole.  Moore proves that comic books can be written to deal with contemporary adult subject matter and still maintain the sense of fun and adventure without resorting to being dark and gritty.


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