Comic DNA

Episode 24 - Peepo Choo

May 13, 2015

On this very special episode of Comic DNA, Aaron and Luke are joined by two friends, returning guest Jon Parrish and new guest Joey Thomas, to talk about Peepo Choo by Filipe Smith.  First published by Kodansha in 2008.  Peepo Choo tells the story of a young black kid from the south side of Chicago named Milton who is a self described Otaku.  He is obsessed with Japanese anime and manga, particularly a bizarre cartoon titled Peepo Choo.  Meanwhile, in Japan, a brash young Yakuza named Morimoto Rockstar who is obsessed with American gang culture is making waves in the criminal organization.  When Milton wins a chance to visit Japan, he thinks his dreams have finally come true, but he quickly learns that Japan is not necessarily the way it is depicted in his favorite cartoons. 

Both Jon and Joey have lived in Japan and we have invited them to read this book and share their own experiences and perspectives on the culture clash between Japan and America.

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